Unless you've been in a cave somewhere for the past 10 weeks, 10 months, or 10 years (as long as Dan Snyder has owned the team), the Washington Redskins suck. PERIOD. And they might have hit rock bottom losing to the previously winless Kansas City Chiefs, Yes, they get their "i" back now that they have won. Great Googally Moogally. See this time machine wayback .

How do we count they ways they suck?

Coaching debacles. Steve Spurrier, Marty Schottenheimer, Jim Zorn. All had reasons to be the coach. Spurrier deserved to be fired. Schottenheimer did not. Only AJ Smith and the San Diego Chargers made all time top head coach firing for dropping him after a playoff birth. He only managed 8-8 in his one Redskins season. The book has been written for Zorn since the day he was hired as QB CoachOffensive Coordinator Head Coach. We are just waiting to read the last chapter.

GM/Drafting debacles. Fine, you don't want a GM. But at least put a good guy in the spot. Vinny Cerrato, who sounds like a good man with his personality does not know how to run a football team. You could use the analogy that a blind date has a nice personality. Evidence Exhibit A: 3 receivers in the 2008 draft in the second round, when the team was and still seeking, good offensive line help.

But we've somewhat expected that from the Redskins over the years. What may have finally got them to hit rock bottom? That the Redskins post game show called out Cerrato. For those of you not in the know, the official Redskins post game show is produced by the flagship radio station, WTEM 980. WTEM is owned by Red Zebra Broadcasting, which is part of the Dan Snyder empire. Late after the game, I was listening to the post game show when they got Kevin Sheehan on the phone. Sheehan, who is WTEM's main reporter covering the Redskins slammed Cerrato. Vinny needed to go and they need to bring in a real head of football operations to run the team. That's harsh when a sister company calls you out. You've hit rock bottom.

However, the Redskins have to be the Redskins, and dig a deeper hole. They relieve Jim Zorn of his call playing duties and hand them over to Sherm Lewis, a man retired from football 5 years ago. Can Lewis be effective? Maybe, but this move alone will not turn around the entire team. Cerrato stated on his Friday morning radio show that Zorn's job is safe for the remainder of the season. Finally, apparently, Snyder is tired of buying people out. Guess what? Us fans have been tired of that for nearly a decade.