Plight, what plight? The Redskins won this past weekend. Well, that win wasn't particularly spectacular. It wasn't a defensive battle, or pound the ball by running game. It wasn't even a come from behind miracle that frankly, we might have enjoyed better. No, it was just pathetic. And see this thing too phantom of the opera london tickets cheap.

As we know, the Redskins won 9-7 over the St Louis Rams. Sure, "A Win is a Win" and all that. Of course 11-5 composed mostly of 9-7 wins will likely put them in the playoffs, but to be real, that's not going to happen. The game was won on the backs of the defense and dare I say it...Shaun Losenoidoomock Suisham's leg? I am not the biggest fan of Suisham's. In fact, I don't know how he still has a job in the NFL, let alone the Washington Redskins. But his 3 field goals did it. In The Kolapadaar is good.

The season that was predicted by some, including Mike Wise of the Washington Post and 106.7 WJFK, The Fan, as a coming out party for our QB Jason Campbell. Well so far, that is only true if coming out means doing exactly what's he's done in past seasons. The defense is the defense, strong like the past few years under the watchful eye of Gregg Williams and now Greg Blache.

Where is the offense? You can count one offensive touchdown so far this season and that was to TE Chris Cooley late in a game they had already lost. You know the glaring stat that still stands out there? As of today, your leading scorers for the Redskins are Suisham - 14 and tied for 2nd, Cooley and P Hunter Smith with 6 each. Kickers are always at the top of the scoring board, but when your top 3 include your punter, something is definitely wrong with this picture.

The easy thing to say is that they will get it together against the Lions this weekend. Well that's what they said prior to week 2 against the Rams. You would think Campbell, who is working for his next contract, likely not in Washington, would put more effort. It just appears he'll be a journeyman who may not be able to hold Gus Frerotte's j***, I mean towel. And Daniel Snyder will coax Cowher or some other proven winner out of retirement to coach this team to failure again and again.